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1. What is one thing that you feel could not be adapted well in film/television from your favorite novel?

Well. You bought up “adaptation” as a topic and that was my thesis and I have a wholly different understanding of adaptation than most people. Anything can be adapted well if the person writing the adapted screenplay knows what they are doing. Films and television series are told through moving images and novels are told through written words. They are essentially incomparable. So I can’t answer this question.

2. If you could take the place of a literary character in any novel you’ve read and live out their storyline, who would it be and why?

Catherine Morland. Because I get Mr. Tilney and my mom is awesome and I get to go to Bath and dance and read and explore and also MR. TILNEY.

3. You get an afternoon to spend with your favorite literary character. What would you do and what would you talk about?

This implies that I have a favorite literary character. I don’t like decisions. I’ll just go with my first thought and say Jaime Lannister is my favorite character. I don’t know if I would choose to hang out with him. Because what I would WANT to do and talk about isn’t necessarily what would ACTUALLY happen because it would be maybe OOC for him. Whatever I do what I want—

  • Practice sword fighting because it would maybe make him feel better if I lost (which I totally would)
  • Sass everyone we see all day in the snarkiest way possible without being blatantly cruel
  • Do that epic cliff jump into the water thing
  • Find a way to say “that’s what she said” whenever it is remotely possible (because we both totally would catch those when no one else would)
  • Pull tons of pranks on people (as in practical jokes aka not like April Fools saying something and then being like haha JK)
  • Say really inappropriate things to uptight people and watch how they react
  • Get drunk together (not to the point of being ill or incapable of action but still pretty drunk)
  • Talk about how awesome BriBri is/get him to admit his feelings about her because he so has feelings for her DUHHHH

4. What is your favorite setting (place, time, world) in any of the novels you’ve read? Why?

So I just randomly thought of the Redwall series. I don’t even know if it’s really my favorite but I just really like that I thought of it. And I actually really like that setting. Those books were so cool. And that’s like the one time I really loved reading excessive description because it was kind of necessary (because they were animals). And also food sounded SO awesome. I would totally eat that food. It’s just this small world of smallish animals and yet there is so much variety. Like ASOIAF minus everyone dying all the time. I remember reading those books and feeling like I was at home in a world of fantasy. There was always some struggle but it felt comfortable. It’s about like mice and badgers and otters but I can relate to it. I like the setting because it feels like how reality works. I don’t know. Regency is awesome but it has a historical feel to it at the end of the day. And while ASOIAF is fantasy too, I can’t relate to that world at all. I like the setting of the Redwall series because feels like real life— shit happens in our lives but at the end of the day we are the same people and the shit that happens really isn’t THAT bad. I’m not a rodent but I can relate to that. Also the food. OH JUST THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME HUNGRY OH NO.

5. What are your pet peeves when it comes to reading a book?

In my case, my pet peeves are mostly just a matter of preference. So there isn’t really a logical reason for them. But you asked so here—

  • Written in first person perspective: I guess I want to feel like I’m watching a story unfold rather than being put into it. I am not the character. I don’t want to be the character. Even if I really like the character. I just don’t like it.
  • Written in third person limited perspective: I want to know what’s going on in the minds of all the characters. If it is all told from the perspective of just ONE character it kind of works and is tolerable. But if (a la ASOIAF) a story jumps around between different characters and you only get to hear their thoughts it tends to get tedious for me.
  • Excessive description of scenery, clothing, decor, &c: I don’t need to know the twelve different colors of the rug in the room or the way the silk drapes in delicate folds on her arm or how the candlesticks glistened like moonlight. I don’t like being told what to do with my imagination.
  • Telling instead of showing: Kind of the same as the excessive description but also applies to other shit. Like when a character says “I can’t believe this!” and then it says how his eyes widened in surprise and then it says how he thought that this could have never happened to him in his whole life. It’s unnecessary and repetitive and BORING. That also tends to happen with first person and third person limited perspectives.
  • Writing a paragraph when it could have been just a sentence: It wastes my time and wastes paper. Dickens, I’m looking at you.
  • No growth or change in the main character: What is the point of a story with a main character that does not change? How is that interesting? Where is the story? I think books should be about PEOPLE and not just the shit that happens around them.
  • Poor and/or incorrect word choice: Just reading it as a synonym in a thesaurus does NOT mean that a word is a true synonym for the other word. Like “incredible” doesn’t mean the same thing as “wonderful” because they both have different definitions and can’t always be used synonymously.

My Questions:

1. What book do you HATE that everyone else seems to LOVE? Why?
2. Your favorite author is about to write another book and wants your help: do you create the characters and let the author create the plot or do you create the plot and let the author create the characters?
3. What is the worst plot twist you have ever had to suffer through (either because it annoyed you or because made you cry)?
4. Why do you love your favorite literary couple?
5. What scene from any book would you want to watch happen in real life?


No one because Andrea tagged me and I felt like I had to reply.

I answered your questions and wrote my own questions just for you so you best answer them.


Edit: I also tag stillhidden. Because she is lovely and actually notices when I pop up randomly on Tumblr.

"It’s only five miles. That’s just a good stretch of the legs!"
— John Wayne, The Quiet Man (via reluctantexpat)
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if you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to

why don’t you go where fashion sits



Once Upon a Holy Grail

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life… inspired by this post via justalilblondemama 

I know an April Fool’s Joke when I see one but I did it anyway

and I got a top hat


So really I won. Joke’s on you, Tumblr.

I’ll make a brief PSA because—



Edit: I actually think I have the ashes from burning my “HIMYM Series Finale” piece of paper stuck in my hair. I can wash out the ashes. But I can’t wash out the pain.

Edit edit: Ashes are stuck in my hair because I spat on burnt paper and it flew in my face. But I still taste the ashes. How uncomfortably poignant.


tumblr friendships are hard to maintain like im sorry i know i havent talked to you in 5 months but you’re still super rad and i still consider us friends im just dumb

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no bro

you really don’t

not at fucking



It appears absolutely no one realizes this character (assuming this story takes places during the time in which it was filmed) grew up during The Troubles of Northern Ireland.

You don’t if he’s Northern Irish. You don’t know if he’s Catholic. You don’t know if he grew up watching his people get murdered by Loyalist Protestants and British soldiers who carried heavy racial prejudice against Irish Catholics (hellooo, Bloody Sunday anyone?), who had for centuries been characterized as barbaric, racially inferior, lowly people who needed to be wiped out or converted. Attacks by the IRA, and therefore retaliation by the British, didn’t completely cease until 1998, I believe? This film came out in 2002.

You don’t know if he was an Irishman who grew up in England. Bomb attacks carried out by the IRA in England kindled misplaced aggression toward innocent Irish civilians living among the English population and Irish people were verbally and physically attacked and their businesses targeted. Perhaps similar to how ordinary Muslims bear the brunt of aggression after attacks by Muslim extremists…

You can still find yourself threatened and demeaned if you’re a Catholic in Northern Ireland or if you’re a Protestant in Ireland and some older dude in a pub in a smaller town straight up asks you if you’re Catholic or not and you’re afraid what’ll happen if you don’t lie about who you are.

You can still hear casual racism toward Irish people in everyday life and in publicly broadcast media in the UK.

You can still see and hear “Kill All Irish” and other pretty heavy anti-Irish sentiment among Loyalists in Northern Ireland who don’t consider themselves Irish at all.

Just because it now appears that the island of Ireland has been allowed to move on from war and their appearance and culture generally allows them to blend into and reap the benefits of the White European demographic doesn’t mean that this character does not have the background suitable to fully empathize with her. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t, we just don’t know his story.

But I guess you’ve never been demeaned as a Paddy or a Taig so you wouldn’t understand what it feels like, would you?

don’t worry dude it’s tumblr the mentality here is basically “if you’re lighter than a coconut you’re not allowed to have any feelings and your life is automatically perfect but that’s not racist at all bc your skin is lighter than someone else’s and that means it’s ok”


not enough upward pointies in the world

plot twist: being Irish actually sucks, seriously

I normally don’t comment on posts like these but the ignorance of this makes me so fucking angry because absolutely no one in the world seems to give a shit about the Irish because we all just seem to be so happy and drunk all the time. Because they’re white, right? So obviously they have no idea what hardship means.

*bursts in* *breathes heavily* Did someone mention the Northern Irish Troubles

First of all, pretty much yes to everything about Ireland up there. Growing up in Northern Ireland, I saw the violence from all sides - my father is a British Protestant and my mother is a Catholic, so I basically couldn’t win because according to one side I was a dirty taig and according to the other I was a filthy hun. Luckily I managed to make friends with a mix of both Catholics and Protestants who all thought this attitude was just as stupid as I did, but between all of us, we saw our fair share of sectarian violence, and the Catholics, without a doubt, got it worse.

Irish Catholics were robbed of their country by Protestant invaders centuries ago. They fought and fought and eventually got the Irish Free State (now the Republic of Ireland), however, thanks to the deliberate plantation of Protestants to eradicate the Catholic majority in the North, it was left under British rule. Since then, Catholics have been murdered, arrested, terrorised, tortured and driven out of their houses just for being Irish Catholics. 

I moved from Northern Ireland in 2010 and to the day I left, the violence was not over. I couldn’t wear certain colours in certain areas because I would be beaten. I had fake names depending on where I was stopped, as attackers can determine what religion you are from your name alone (and this is a trick I learned, too, for defence). I can recite my rights if I’m arrested because if I was stopped in certain areas I could be, on the assumption I could be Catholic. I know the subtle sectarian geography of the city of Belfast because if I cross the road in the wrong place I’m in enemy territory. I have been chased by a group of forty people, throwing fireworks at me, because they assumed I was a Catholic. Police were parked on nearby streets and didn’t acknowledge the commotion. My friends and I walk past graffiti screamed “Kill All Taigs”. A fifteen year old boy who lived half an hour from me was beaten to death by a group of adults for being Catholic. For fifty years, people have been detained without trial, tortured, beaten and wrongly imprisoned just for being Catholic, because apparently, being Catholic means you must be in the IRA. 

Even now, I can’t escape it. I have a noticeable Northern Irish accent, which is stronger when I’m around people from there and is noticeable as a strong accent whenever I’m not in the country. At airports, I’m always the one stopped and frisked if they hear my accent. At ferry ports, it’s alway my car (which has Northern Irish registration plates) that’s “randomly selected” for a search. All of this just happened to me, a person who got off lightly.

If you think that Irish people haven’t faced oppression and abuse, you’re wrong. If you think that Northern Ireland is past its troubles, you’re wrong. It sickens me that this happens only a few hundred miles away from England and no one acknowledges it exists, because hey, they’re just some terrorist Catholics, right?

Contrary to popular belief, racism isn’t America centric. Just ask the Serbians and Croatians.


This.  Also, for us Italians, Sicily: most of the Italian side of my family traces their roots to poor fishermen and the like there up until just before the World Wars.  For the past thousand years or so, when we haven’t been under imperialist rule by Rome, the Muslim empires, or Spain, we usually lived in fear of our own countrymen in the Mafia, which is still quietly in control of much of the region’s economy and politics today.

Yeah. It’s long. Doesn’t mean Tumblr doesn’t need to see it. Also:




So Irish people were often treated with the same disdain as blacks. You’re the worst kind of person if this post can’t teach you that white =/= privileged.

Hey tumblr this is a good fuckin read you wanna know why? My dad came to America at 19 to escape this all. Yeeeep. It’s not played up at all and its really that bad. I really hate to be like this because Irish oppression is not nearly as common in the US but yeah

"If you’re white you can’t experience racism!"

The former Yugoslavia would like to have a word with you.



i think it’s a universal truth that everyone in our generation takes pluto’s losing its planetary status as a personal offense






Everyone can go home now. This post won.

oh my god

best ever

oh jesus yes





Everyone can go home now. This post won.

oh my god

best ever

oh jesus yes







what Germans do while waiting at traffic lights


Fellow Americans, we fail as a country.

I like how this encourages random high fives and increases the general awesomeness of your day by 128%.


We need this in Britain instead of standing by the road aimlessly and awkwardly looking around

They are playing Pong.

Not beer pong.

But Atari Pong.

While waiting for a traffic light.


The most iconic commercial in television history? I think YES.

Except it’s Pepsi ad.


Kisses make everything better.

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